Food and Art with Roberto Cortez

Chef Roberto Cortez believes there are no limits to how food can be experienced. 
His new book, Senses in Sucrose: The Art of Emotions in Sweet Form, uses breathtaking desserts and photography to express the depth of human emotions. 

Chef Cortez says there are two common denominators that impact and connect every single one of us—emotions and food. “We feel at every given moment. And we all need to eat. My book is about how these denominators connect. This is not a cookbook, but a photographic journey of things we have all felt, and even some we hope to never feel. 

“In the pursuit of excellence and exceeding limits, I always try and surround myself with the best products in the world. This book is no exception. I am honored to have Hering Berlin, Amedei and Vanilla From Tahiti exclusively throughout the book. Not only that, some of the world’s most innovative designers and craftsmen, like Estuari Designs, Jinhyun Jeon, Andreas Fabian, Lindsay Rogers, and Katja Bremkamp are collaborating with me as well.”
But don’t take our word for it. After seeing his first menu that we collaborated on, I was blown away. And after tasting it, it sent me to the heavens and I realized I had found a culinary soul brother. Roberto’s approach to his cuisine is spectacular. I have yet to meet or read about any chef that has his path.

Matthew Biancaniello, cocktail chef and author of Eat Your Drink 

OK, do take our word for it. 
Roberto deftly defies all that is expected in food to create some truly incredible dining experiences. We couldn't be more excited about his new book. If it's half as good as the dishes he's prepared using our vanilla, it's going to be a mouthwatering visual feast.
Peter Cohen, Vanilla From Tahiti

Using photography and evocative writing, this finely bound, 200-page, photo-oriented volume will include 12 chapters, each on a different complex emotion expressed through a unique dessert created for that expression. Because this is not a cookbook but rather an aesthetic experience, there are no recipes. 

Will you experience it? Order his book as a gift for your favorite foodie this holiday season!

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Bake With Love. Vanilla From Tahiti.